The Idaho Senators Who Voted Against Obamacare Nullification

Idaho Conservative Blogger
February 26, 2011

Did Idaho State Senators Davis, Hill, Lodge, McGee, & McKenzie commit political Suicide today?

In what could go down as the wrong vote at the wrong time Idaho State Senators Davis, Hill, McGee, and McKenzie, members of the Senate State Affairs Committee killed the bill to nullify federal health care in Idaho. The Idaho House approved the nullification a few weeks ago.

But why?

There is no doubt the majority of Idahoans want no part of Obamacare. It was a huge part of the November elections. Support for repeal of Obamacare by Raul Labrador help distinguish Labrador from Minnick when he won the Idaho 1st CD. Gov. Otter suing the Federal Government over Obamacare helped him as well.

The Five:

Bart M. Davis (R)
Majority Leader
District 33
Voted: No

“I can’t find in that important document [the U.S. Constitution] that our state has the authority to nullify a federal act,” – Senator Bart M. Davis (Idaho Reporter)

Brent Hill (R)
President Pro Tempore
District 34
Voted: No

“I find no constitutional justification for the things we are talking here today…” – Senator Brent Hill

Patti Anne Lodge (R)
District 13
Voted: No

“There’s a threat that [the federal government] will take those dollars away from us. I can’t handle that right now.” – Senator Patti Anne Lodge

John McGee (R)
Majority Caucus Chair
District 10
Voted: No

Curt McKenzie (R)
District 12
Voted: No

Kudos to Sen Russ Fulcher of Meridian and Chuck Winder of Boise for listening to their districts and voting appropriately.

Dennis Mansfield wrote eloquently as usual on the issue today by saying:

Senators Hill and Davis don’t surprise me in their voting “no”…they are men whose heart-passions have never seemed to guide them very far past their head-calculations. Patty Anne Lodge, too. But Patty lives in Canyon County and the Tea Party guys may well just brew her up in no time…

I’m more and more disappointed in Senator John McGee. I’ve observed him up close and personal for years. Like a teen heart-throb whose film close-ups reveal either too much Clearasil or too many blemishes, the Senator seems to appear less attractive under the bright lights of the “big time.”

And Senator Curt McKenzie? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Curt, what are you thinking?

ICB has been working the phones today getting opinions on what is really going on here. The reoccurring theme came clear. Most I talked with said, and I agree, this is all political. This appears to be the establishment Republicans sending the new House Tea Party Republicans a message, Don’t get cocky. We are running things. We will give you a few wins but the State House is run by us.

How short sided, if November taught politicians anything it should have taught them that we, the voters don’t want cocky establishment Republicans or anyone else thinking they know what’s right better than we do. I hope Davis, Hill, Lodge, McGee, and McKenzie get their act together. Unfortunately for them, voters have long memories and they very well with this one vote have turned off their base. I live in one of the above Senator’s districts and I look forward to the next Primary Election. I will make sure this vote is not forgotten.


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