Election 2012: Art Robinson vs. Peter DeFazio

The Northwest Report
January 2, 2012

The new year is here and the 2012 election season is heating up as the temperature cools down. Art Robinson’s campaign for Oregon’s hotly contested 4th district made national headlines in 2008. This year, the Art Robinson campaign has taken the first jab by criticizing Peter DeFazio’s connections to various corporations and special interests.

The following is a sample of what is to come in 2012:

Dear Friends,

The Robinson campaign for 2012 is accelerating. So is DeFazio’s.

The DeFazio campaign is accelerating, however, backwards.

DeFazio wants to continue America’s slide into bigger government, higher taxes, more regulations, and less liberty. He is even supporting the so-called “Saving American Democracy Amendment”, authored by socialist Bernie Sanders. James Taranto writes in The Wall Street Journal on December 13, that this amendment would empower “a lawless regime of crony capitalism in which political officeholders would have unchecked power to enrich their corporate friends by persecuting competitors.” DeFazio is already raking in campaign cash from his corporate and special interest friends. As Taranto summarizes, DeFazio is only one of four congressmen (out of 435) so leftist that they are actually supporting Sander’s amendment. See link below:


For thousands of years, the nations of the world were mostly ruled by big government – governments under various kings, conquerors, and tyrants. Wars between these tyrannies were constant, and ordinary people were no more than slaves. Two and half centuries ago, a great experiment arose in America – an experiment in human liberty – an experiment where small government was to be the rule and all people would live in freedom and justice. This experiment has been a spectacular success. Yet, there are always those who want to go back to the past – a past where money and power flows to those who control the people through vast, overreaching central government.

DeFazio now claims to represent the “99%.” Actually, he only represents the dwindling percentage of District 4 voters who have not yet learned his true policies. His actual policies will impoverish the 100%. We must not let this happen.

We have been building campaign logistics, our campaign message, and the Internet presence for the campaign. The Art Robinson for Congress Facebook page now has more than 52,000 friends and is growing rapidly. The Facebook site and ArtRobinsonforCongress.com will carry extensive and frequently renewed information.

Our campaign goal is to make sure that all of the voters in Oregon District 4 know our objectives and understand the ways in which our election will be beneficial for them, for Oregon, and for our nation. Our opponent’s goal is to keep them from hearing our message and to replace that message with a false one. We will not let that happen!

We must raise the money needed to deliver our message. Our opponent spent $1.45 million in 2010, mostly raised from PACs, corporations, and other special interests he does favors for in Washington. We expect him to spend about $2 million in 2012. By comparison, in 2010 we received $1.28 million from more than 9,000 contributions from individuals. Less than 0.5 % of our 2010 contributions came from PACs and similar sources. More than 99.5 % came from private individuals.

Individuals can contribute a maximum of $5,000, providing $2,500 is given before the primary. The campaign rules strongly favor the career politicians who have created them. At present, DeFazio is campaigning vigorously using federal tax money. This is a perk for sitting congressmen.

In 2010, about 20% of our support came from maximum contributions. More than 80% was from people of ordinary means, who usually contributed $5, $25, $50, or $100, many more than once.

If you are an Oregon resident, you are allowed a tax credit of up to $50 each year for political donations, provided they are made – or postmarked – by December 31. If you have not already used this credit, you can contribute up to $50 with no net cost to you (as long as you are paying at least $50 in Oregon State taxes).

Contributions can be made on our website: www.artforcongress.com.

We must replace the corrupt politicians in Congress with honest, common sense Americans who will roll back the over-taxation, over-regulation, and over-spending that have been put on the backs of American workers, businesses, and innovators. This has destroyed American jobs and endangered prosperity. We are becoming slaves in our own country, slaves of big government, politicians, and the bureaucracy they have created. This election is about American liberty. We must and will restore and preserve American liberty, so that our country will have a bright future.

Thank you for your contributions to our campaign. We will make sure that our work justifies the confidence that you may decide to place in us by continuing. Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,
Art Robinson

P.S. You can visit our facebook page by going to www.artforcongress.com and clicking the facebook link in the upper right corner.

Open Secrets Record of Campaign Contributions:

Art Robinson

Peter DeFazio

Copyright 2012 – The Northwest Report. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.


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